The unnamed battery on Long Branch Creek was probably erected at the same time as nearby Battery Wilkes, 1862, although there is no specific documentation. It was designed as part of the exterior western lines running from the Stono River on the south to the Ashley River at Bee’s Ferry on the north. At this particular location the defense was made against an infantry attack across St. Andrew’s Parish between Battery Wilkes and Battery Magwood (destroyed). Although no attack was ever mounted and this battery was not garrisoned full time, the position was armed at the close of the war. With its sister position, Battery Wilkes, the unnamed Long Branch Creek battery is important as an extant portion of the line protecting the western approach to Charleston. This small earth redoubt measures approximately 160 feet by 160 feet with a 10-foot parapet and a 15-foot powder magazine. It was originally designed for two guns. Listed in the National Register August 11, 1982



949 E Estates Blvd, Charleston, SC 29414, United States


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