Mount Pleasant, oldest summer resort in Charleston County, is located in Christ Church Parish, formerly a district of prosperous plantations. The first settlement here was Greenwich, a 100-acre village laid out in ca. 1776 by Jonathan Scott, and Englishman who arrived in South Carolina in 1763. Scott divided the 50 acres along the waterfront into lots and set aside the remaining 50 acres as a common from which the residents could collect firewood. In 1803, Mount Pleasant Plantation was purchased from the Jacob Motte estate by James Hibben who immediately surveyed 35 village lots and founded the town of Mount Pleasant. In 1837, Mount Pleasant and Greenwich merged to form one town called Mount Pleasant. The town rapidly developed as a summer resort for the planters of the parish and later was frequented by Charlestonians as well. The buildings are varied, representing architectural styles of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, including vernacular Georgian, Greek Revival and Gothic Revival examples. Early houses were simple cottages, with more elaborate houses constructed when planters began to reside in the town on a permanent basis. Listed in the National Register March 30, 1973



200 Bank St Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, USA


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