Battery LeRoy was built in 1863 as part of General Beauregard’s siege line, which replaced the earlier defensive line of General Pemberton. Designed to protect lower James Island from land and naval attack as part of the siege line, it also protected Fort Pringle’s flank and was the scene of heavy fighting. Battery LeRoy was an important link in the lower James Island defensive line and mounted four guns at its capture in 1865. Battery LeRoy is located on western James Island in a rural agricultural setting near the Stono River. Part of the James Island Seige Line, this earth redan measures approximately 340 feet on its right face, 140 feet on the center face and 160 feet on the left face. The parapet is about 15 feet high with the magazine slightly higher. Battery LeRoy is about 400 yards east of Fort Pringle and 350 yards west of Battery Number 1. It is covered with heavy secondary vegetation. Listed in the National Register August 11, 1982.



Riverland Dr., James Island


32.7403213, -79.9853134