Ashley Hall Plantation, established in the early 1670s, is one of the earliest settlements on the Ashley River. The plantation was established by Stephen Bull, an English settler who arrive in Carolina in 1670. Bull and his descendants (including William Bull and William Bull, Jr.) who lived on the plantation were prominent in such diverse areas as government, science, engineering, agriculture, and military affairs. The Bull family lived at Ashley Hall until 1865, when the plantation house was burned to prevent its destruction by Union forces. The Ashley Hall property contains one of the oldest standing houses in the state (a small ca. 1675 tabby-walled house with a 20th century second story addition), the ruins of the Georgian plantation house (1704) which was burned in 1865, the monument to the second Governor William Bull erected ca. 1791, two prehistoric Indian sites, and two 18th century well sites associated with the plantation. In the 18th century a garden in the Italian style extended from the house to the riverbank. The grounds are much the same as they were originally with open spaces, woods, shrubs, and an unobstructed view of the Ashley River and the city of Charleston beyond. Listed in the National Register June 5, 1975.



Ashley Hall Plantation Rd West Ashley, SC


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